Bio-energy is a safe and effective energy healing technique, that was first introduced to Ireland by Tom Griffin (Hidden Mind Bio-Energy) & Michael Doherty ( Plexus Bio-Energy) in the late 1980’s. Everything in our world radiates energy, from the pebble on the beach to the highest mountain. Every cell in our bodies radiates energy, and we connect to the rest of the world through our energy vibrations. We all have an energy field (referred to as Aura), which extends beyond our bodies, and our body is covered in energy points, which are interconnected in a matrix format. There are seven major energy centers running from the base of the spine to the top of the head, called Chakras, which channel energy through the body. Energy flows in and out of our bodies through the Chakras; to and from our environment, as well as to and from the people we meet throughout the day. Chakras meaning Disks or Wheels, are spinning vortexs’ of Energy, which assimilate, receive and emit energy, and over time they can become blocked, sluggish or imbalanced. Such blockages or disturbance in the flow of energy can lead to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual illness or disease.

Bio-energy therapy, is a protocol of movements that work to clear the Chakras’ and any disturbance in the energy field, and allowing the clients body to heal itself.


Bio-Energy Therapy

As a therapist I use a protocol of hand techniques, to work on re-balancing the life force energy within our bodies, and to move any blockages of energy in the clients energy field, and so enable the body to shift its energy and begin to heal itself.

Clients have reported, unlocking of frozen shoulder, frozen arm; clearing of skin conditions such psoriasis and eczema, relief of back pain, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and improved energy levels.

Sessions usually last around 45min, and are delivered over 4 days ( consecutive if possible)

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