“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for”



Athnua means renew, revive or new beginning in the Irish language. Here at Athnua Therapies, on the west coast of Ireland, you can experience renewal, revival or your own new beginning. Every cell in our bodies emit energy, and we connect to our environment, the people around us and the rest of the world through our energy. Any disturbance in the flow of energy can lead to physical, emotional, mental illness or disease. Energy treatments such as Bio-energy or Reiki, can correct the negative impact of these disturbances and help the body heal itself.


What we do

Here at Athnua Therapies clients can avail of a number of different alternative therapies to help improve their well being.


Who I am

I am an educator, who has worked in the Personal Communication and Personal Development field, for 20 years. I am also an energy therapist, working in Bio Energy, Reiki, Aroma-touch massage, Dry Cupping and Essential Oils for wellness. I have also introduced the revolutionary rejuvenation product Celluvation to the Irish Market