Celluvation (Cellular rejuvenation crystals)


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Celluvation is a revolutionary new drink that hydrates and rejuvenates your body from the inside out. It’s the first product created with a quantum biological wave force digital frequency. Celluvation is designed to create greater cellular hydration, which can have health benefits from the moment it is consumed.

The ingredients are : Baobab Fruit (Organic), Silica from Bamboo, Silica from Horsetail Extract (Equisetum Arvense Plant), Rooibos (Organic), Ancient Sea Salt, Glycine, L-Lysine HCL, L-Proline, Acerola Cherry (Organic), Ascorbic Acid, and Celluvation mineral Compound.

The crystal content are similar in all Celluvation products, however, they are infused with different digital frequencies , designed to focus on different areas of the body.

YOUTH is the main product which gives your body the energetic components to build your own collagen/elasti ( anti-aging). It was developed to primarily work on repairing skin, hair and bones. Users have reported the following benefits:

•    Hair regrowth, bald patches have gone/ thicker hair/ hair growing faster/ less grey hair/ fuller eyelashes

•   Skin looking more hydrated ‘plump, soft and healthy.’ less wrinkly skin on face, neck, chest, arms, legs/ reduced skin pigmentation /major skin repair from childhood skin conditions/ skin scarring improvements

•    Nails hardening, faster growth, smoothing out of fingernails

Additional benefits have also been recorded by people using YOUTH: overall feeling of wellbeing/ less pain/ increased energy throughout the day/ improved sleep/deeper sleep/ improved menopausal symptoms (including reduction in hot flushes)/less joint pain/ acid reflux reduction/ stronger bladder control.

ENERGY: is a performance based energy supplement designed to give you extra energy throughout the day and to improve lactic acid recovery.

Users have reported the following benefits: increased energy/ increased stamina / appetite suppressed/ better muscle tone/ firmer body over time/ faster running times/ stronger legs/ stronger muscles/ improvement in heart rate variability.

BRAIN: was developed to work towards improved memory, learning, recall and Focus.

Users have reported the following benefits: relief from depression / relief from anxiety / increased ability to focus/ elevated mood/ more mental clarity/improvement in autism in children/ improved tinnitus.

If you would like to discuss Celluvation with me, please drop me an email, I would be delighted to tell you about my experiences with this product, and why I am backing it 100%.